Our buses pick up people within Grand Rapids for the Friday recovery ministry, in addition, they are used to transport our “Friendship” (special needs) people to church for Sunday services and our Thursday night Friendship ministry program.

Yes! Our recovery ministry (Community Recovery) is one of the largest recovery ministries in the nation. We also participate in “Friendship” ministry that serves special needs adults. Internationally, we are establishing churches and recovery ministries in Bangladesh. In addition, mission work is being done in Kenya, Honduras and India.

We have two licensed counselors available (for a fee) by appointment and a trained individual who serves as a financial counselor at no charge. Pastor Lew & Mark do pastoral “counseling” at no charge. (Perhaps better named, short term spiritual guidance.)

No. We teach what is stated in the previous Q & A and leave amounts to the individual to decide. The annual budget and weekly congregation giving is published weekly on the bulletin.

The Bible strongly teaches generosity, cheerful giving and caring to the poor. The only specific amount that consistently comes up through the whole Bible is 10% (tithe) of our income. Just how the 10% is determined is left up to each individual. There is a very strong link in the Bible between giving and the spiritual condition of the heart. Tithing envelopes, direct deposit is available if desired and can be requested at any time by contacting Sandy DeMaat, our business manager in the church office. You may also visit our web site at www.nccwm.org if you prefer to give online through PayPal.

You may contact Karen Kohn or Pastor Lew at the church office to begin the process. If you need further training in the Christian faith, that will be arranged. If you feel confident in your knowledge and faith in Christ, we merely need to set the date and discuss the arrangements.

Infant/child baptism is a picture of God’s covenant, or promise of salvation, and His love to the children of believers in Jesus Christ. Baptism is a public means of extending God’s grace, which is His covenant or promise of salvation, through Christian parents. The hope is that saving faith will follow as the child grows, believes and matures in his/her own relationship with God. Therefore Faith in Jesus Christ is required of one or both of the parents. Since the parents also commit to bringing their child up in the church, regular attendance of 4 months is expected prior to the baptism. Contact us here:


We have a second church campus/location on 32nd Ave. in Hudsonville. This building (shared with a church called “Carpenters House”) houses a “traditional” evening service and ministers to people in the area from Holland to Grandville who find the Dean Lake Ave. location too far to travel. The Dean Lake Ave. location worships only Sunday mornings. The Hudsonville location worships only Sunday evening (5:30pm)

Contact our Congregational Director, Karen Kohn by calling our church office or contact here:


No, all people who attend are encouraged to “join in”. Some positions, such as working with children, youth and special needs do require a background check.

The church does not require volunteering as a prerequisite for membership. We do, though, emphasize serving in God’s kingdom. The Bible teaches Christians are given gifts and should use those gifts to do good works (Ephesians 2:10). We regularly present many opportunities to serve/volunteer.

There are two parts to church membership. First, and most importantly, when a person is a Christian and worships/serves with a body of believers (congregation/church), the person is automatically spiritually a member of that body. Secondly, a person chooses to have his/her name officially on the church’s membership rolls. This is done by attending an “Introducing New Community” session, filling out the information form, declaring your decision for membership and being introduced in a Sunday service (optional). If you are currently considered a “member” of another congregation/church a note or letter to that church requesting transfer of your membership to NCC should be sent.

No. Hours vary greatly depending on the position and duties of the staff person.

Two, Pastor’s Lew and Mark VanderMeer.  We have many staff directors, department leaders, who are not ordained ministers but are trained in their own unique area.

No, we are an independent/non-denominational, Bible believing congregation open to people from all church or non-churched backgrounds.