We believe God is real and is a knowing and caring person.

The Bible clearly and perfectly shows God and His love to us. The Bible teaches that God is known in three ways:

  • The Father – that part of God who creates and rules;
  • Jesus – the one who forms the bridge between the Father and us;
  • The Spirit – the invisible part of God who lives in us and among us.

Because we violate God and our neighbor, we need Jesus. Through Him, God the Father forgives us and gives us new hope and a new life.

Our goal in life is to enjoy God, to love God, and to enjoy and love each other.

To care for the New Community family in a most excellent way; to equip believers for service; and to reach beyond our walls to bring disconnected people to God’s kingdom
Our services consist of traditional / contemporary music, drama, multimedia, and more. Our encouraging messages present relevant issues that can be easily applied to your life.
Besides our weekly services, we have a variety of excellent children, youth and adult programming throughout the week. We have a place for every member of your family and for every stage of your life!

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